Presidential Campaign Ads

The presidential debate is the number one topic of conversation nowadays with the election right around the corner. This is the first presidential election in which I can exercise my right to vote. It is exciting, yet scary at the same time. I would always follow politics and pay attention to what was going on, so I had my opinions. My “voting” voice couldn’t be heard yet because I wasn’t 18. This year I have been especially paying attention with a close eye. Through my research and listening to the debate on Monday, I have opened my eyes to a lot of aspects about this upcoming election.

As I was thinking about what to include in this blog post to help tie in the theme of the presidential debate I took a look at the AdWeek website Tuesday morning. The first article that popped up was “Hillary Clinton Releases a Powerful New Ad With Former Miss Universe Alicia Machado — The spot tells her story referenced in the debate.”  The ad is embedded in the article.

The reason I chose to talk about this advertisement is not so much about what is said in the ad, but the strategy behind it. It really amazes me how strategic candidates and their campaign team can be. The article says that during the debate, Hillary Clinton brought up how Donald Trump uses unkind words to describe women. The Clinton campaign then released this two and half minute ad highlighting Machado and including video of Donald Trump talking about Miss Universe.

To me, Clinton’s debate performance followed up by the release of the ad shows how strategy adds power to an ad. We learn in school what makes powerful advertising. To me, powerful advertising can be the message behind the ad, the art work in the ad and especially when the ad is aired. All of these components play a role in advertisement and can make a good ad a great ad.

Going forward I plan to watch all the debates. I will continue to look at advertising industry websites like AdWeek and to see if any other campaign ads are released right after to capitalize on what happens in the debate.

Here is a look at the video ad from Adweek:

Featured image graphic credit: Elizabeth Carlson

2016-09-30-fyf-elizabeth-carlson-dsc_0057-thumbnailElizabeth is a senior graphic design major and an advertising minor. When she is not in the classroom, she is Assistant Design Editor for The Wood Word, or she is playing for the women’s soccer team at Marywood. She enjoys being active, being creative, and drinking coffee.

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