BY Maura Olek (’17)

Millennials have a reputation for not caring about what is going on in the world. People think we only care about ourselves or the latest pop culture news. As a millennial, especially one in the Communication Arts Department, I take offense to this stereotype.

I think now in the age of social media, it is even easier for us to pay attention to the news and engage in what is going on all over the world.

October 4 was National News Engagement Day, sponsored by The Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication (AEJMC). This organization was formed in 1912 by 18 journalism educators. They are a non-profit group comprised of students, educators and professionals with the common goal of ensuring high standards in journalism and mass communication education.

Marywood’s chapter of the Society for Collegiate Journalists (SCJ) participated in National News Engagement Day. SCJ typically hosts a table on campus where they encourage students to engage in the news. This year’s theme was looking back.

According to SCJ Vice President Rachel Looker, the members all picked their favorite stories from The Wood Word this semester and looked back on them encouraging students to check out the campus news site. They shared their Top 5 stories using a graphic on all of their social media channels and asked followers to share their favorite Wood Word stories in the comments.


I think taking a reflective approach this year was a different take on the event, especially because this is the first full year that The Wood Word is completely digital. The new online-only platform makes it much easier for students on campus to engage with the publication. This was a great way not only to engage students with the news, but also for the different programs in the Comm Arts Department to work together.

maura-olek-thumbnail Maura is a senior advertising and public relations major. She is the social media manager for The Wood Word and Her Campus Marywood. She is on the social media team for Marywood PRSSA and AAF. She loves coffee, dogs and traveling.

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