PRSSA/AAF Re-brands

BY Maura Olek (’17)

It’s a new school year. For students, that usually means it’s time to get some new clothes, a fresh haircut, a new look. Our PRSSA/AAF chapter didn’t want to feel left out. This semester, they got a new look, too.

PRSSA/AAF member, digital media major and self-taught Photoshop whiz Anne Zukowski spent her summer redesigning the logos for these two organizations.

Anne said she had been looking at other universities’ chapters and noticed how they all incorporated their school colors and names and she thought, “Why can’t we do that?”

These two chapters are active on social media, which was one big reason for the re-branding. Anne worked alongside PRSSA/AAF Chapter President Kristen Pietryka, who wanted to create an stronger identity and name for the chapters. The first step was the creation of new logos.

“Creating unique and branded logos for PRSSA and AAF is something I have wanted to do since I became involved with the chapters two years ago,” said Pietryka. “I could visualize different logo ideas in my mind. After collaborating with Anne, who had similar feelings and also has great Photoshop skills, I was on board to begin the process.”

PRSSA is an organization for students interested in public relations and communications. It aims to promote rigorous academic standards and the highest ethical principles and diversity to future generations of public relations professionals. Similarly, AAF is a group for advertising novices and professionals alike to come together to advance careers, build connections, and share what is going on in the industry.

Because the Advertising/Public Relations major marries the two fields, the Communication Arts Department AAF and PRSSA chapters also work together as one.  Together they help other campus organizations with promotional matters as well as building campaigns, advertising for local businesses, promoting events and hosting fundraisers.

A huge benefit of the new logos is their use at future conferences. When representing the chapters at professional gatherings, these logos will project a great image for Marywood.

As a member of both organizations, I think the new look is really important. These chapters provide experiences and opportunities for members that are beneficial for our futures. Marywood branded logos means a lot to all of our active members and will shape our identify as a distinct chapter.

Maura OlekMaura is a senior advertising and public relations major. She is the social media manager for The Wood Word and Her Campus Marywood. She is on the social media team for Marywood PRSSA and AAF. She loves coffee, dogs and traveling.

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