Alumni Spotlight: Danielle Campbell (’16)

BY Casey Markiewicz 

img_7215Our alumni spotlight for this week is Danielle Campbell. Danielle graduated in 2015 with a bachelor’s degree in Communication Arts with a concentration in Advertising and Public Relations. She then obtained her master’s degree in Communication Arts in 2016. Just recently, Danielle accepted the position of Advertising Account Executive at the Times-Tribune. Our conversation gave me some insight to her career journey.

Casey: I saw you are now working as an Advertising Account Executive at the Times-Tribune. Can you explain some of your responsibilities?

Danielle: This is only my second week, so I am still learning my responsibilities. Basically, I will be searching for new business to advertise in the newspaper. My specific sections are Life and Times, which runs on Sundays, and Weekend Times, which runs on Wednesdays. These two sections replaced the daily Lifestyles section of the paper.

Casey: How did you get your job at the Times-Tribune?

Danielle: I saw an ad in the paper for the position. I applied via the email listed in the ad and was called for an interview that day. The whole process took a few weeks and multiple interviews until I was offered the position. I was searching for a job prior to graduation in May, so it did take a long time. 

Casey: How did Marywood’s Comm Arts Department help ready you for a career like this?

Danielle: I took many advertising courses during my time at Marywood. That is a good background, but I think the best way to learn is through experience and actually doing it in the real world. The internship requirement was great for me because it gave me experience in my field.

Casey: Do you feel having a master’s degree opens more opportunities for you?

Danielle: I am hoping that it will. That was the plan! To be honest, while I was interviewing throughout the summer, most employers were more interested in my work experience versus my education. A few would mention my master’s degree and commend that, but only once or twice. I am hoping that as I advance it will be something that is more helpful in the future to set me apart from other candidates.

Casey: What are your future career goals?

Danielle: My future goals would be to continue to work in my field and gain as much experience as I can.

Casey: Do you have any advice for current Comm Arts students?

Danielle: My advice would be to make internships a priority. Classroom learning is good, but it only goes so far. You are going to remember what you learned working at an internship. You’re not really going to remember much of your class work. Internships also open the door for you to possible become a full-time employee. It’s a great way to make connections and it will be so useful when you start looking for a job. If you’re lucky, you might be offered one before you graduate!


One of Danielle’s recent engagement photos with fiance Doug Gregori.

casey-markiewicz-thumbnailCasey Markiewicz is a freshman Public Relations/Advertising major. When she’s not in class or writing for Frame Your Future, she’s getting involved in the PRSSA/AAF organization.

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