Live from Marywood … It’s the election!

BY: Paul Sevensky, assistant professor & director of the Ad/PR program

This past week’s election was historic for the Comm Arts Department.

For the first time, Comm Arts students broadcast live coverage of a national event. How they did it was also a first.

The live election broadcast was conceived, planned and carried out under the leadership of the newly-formed Marywood Media Group (MMG), an umbrella organization that unites Comm Arts students from every concentration in a common endeavor.

Journalism students researched and wrote background pieces and updates; Digital Media majors designed and managed the technical side of the broadcast; Ad/PR majors advance-promoted the show and kept viewers and followers updated through social media. Pre-recorded news packages filmed by students in Washington D.C. complemented the on-air anchors as they reported results, interviewed members of the campus community and moderated student panels on major issues facing the electorate.

The teamwork was first-rate. Students crossed between specialties to perform multiple roles, delivering a high-quality broadcast live on Facebook as well as the local cable system. MMG leaders laid out the structure, supervised the content creation and directed the broadcast under a single theme: Be Professional. The team responded.

Setting the stage for this collaboration was the ultramodern facilities of the Center for Communication Arts, now in its first full year of operation. The Newsroom/Ad-PR Lab, the editing suites, the radio studios and even the Comm Arts Student Meeting Room backed up the TV Studio/Sound Stage and TV Control as the broadcast took shape in a remarkable two weeks.

When Comm Arts faculty and staff contemplated the advantages our new home would bring to the program by physically unifying students and modern capabilities in one location rather than being scattered across campus, this is the image we envisioned. The reality debuted Election Night.

There’s much more to come. Stay tuned.

7sky-thumbnail-fyfPaul Sevensky is an assistant professor and director of the Ad/PR program in the Communication Arts Department. He serves as adviser to the PRSSA and AAF chapters, as well as a co-adviser to The Wood Word and Marywood Media Group.

Photo credits: images in first montage by Courtney Snyder; images in second montage by Paul Sevensky

Special thanks: Dr. Lindsey Wotanis, Ernie Mengoni and Kim Del Valle.

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