Student Spotlight: Ali Najib Sidiki (’16)

BY Mackenzie MacNeal (’18)

Senior Broadcast Journalism major, Ali Najib Sidiki, talks about why journalism is the right fit for him.

Mackenzie: Why did you choose to major in Broadcast Journalism?

Ali: Well, I started off as a business major. I was always into filmmaking, though, so within two weeks of starting school, and this was back home in Pakistan, I switched my major to Filmmaking. The following semester, I started working for this newspaper, and I did not know anything journalism or politics, but I ended up really liking what I was doing. I then switched my major to journalism and then I transferred here last year.

Mackenzie: What was your role in TV-Marywood’s 2016 Election coverage?

Ali: I was a researcher, and I was on a few panels talking about certain issues. I was on the Middle East panel as well as the panel on immigration. I also did The Wood Word story that came out right after the election.

Mackenzie: What was your view on the media during this election?

Ali: I was surprised at how the media got the election and its results wrong. The media got everyone to believe that a certain outcome would happen or was likely to happen.

Mackenzie: What is your senior project?

Ali: I redesigned The Wood Word’s social media brands, and they are actually using it this semester. Dr. Wotanis, faculty adviser for The Wood Word, actually recommended I do it, and I’m glad I did.

Mackenzie: Where have you interned in the past and what did you do for it?

Ali: I interned with SB nation within Vox Media in Washington D.C. over this past summer. I was writing about sports. It was a really good learning experience, and I knew what I was getting into because I have done some sports journalism before.

Mackenzie: What is your ideal career?

Ali: My dream job is to work at BuzzFeed or be a writer for Samantha Bee. I don’t know why people dislike BuzzFeed; I love it. Not just because of their viral content. It does really cool news stuff too. Brock Turner’s victim’s letter was first published on BuzzFeed and Joe Biden’s response to her was also originally published on BuzzFeed.

Mackenzie: What is your favorite facility of the Communications Arts Department?

Ali: Probably The Wood Word office in the Communication Arts Department in the Learning Commons. It’s a good place to get work done. I’ve also heard it’s a good place to nap.

Mackenzie: Which class has influenced you the most during your time at Marywood?

Ali: Political Writing and Rhetoric. It was very relevant to the election so I learned a lot. Plus, I was already interested in politics and current events.

Mackenzie: What advice would you give to students who are considering a major in Communication Arts?

Ali: Make sure you know what you really want to do. Once you know and are sure, then just do it.


Mackenzie MacNeal is a junior Advertisement/Public Relations major. In her free time, she enjoys writing, tutoring, and participating in Marywood’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.

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