Comm Arts Wonderland

BY: Maura Olek (’17)

The few weeks after Thanksgiving break are often a struggle for college students. We are just coming back from eating away our stress to having to prepare for finals and the end of the semester all while tying to be festive and in the holiday spirit.

Two Comm Arts students, Kristen Pietryka (’17) and Anne Zukowski (’18) found a creative way to de-stress by using their talents and getting the Comm Arts department together.

This idea came about when Pietryka was talking about wanting to record some personal Christmas tunes when Zukowski suggested using the studio in The Learning Commons. They quickly came up with the idea to make a department-wide music video.

The video features Zukowksi on piano and Pietryka on vocals singing a Comm Arts version of the classic Christmas carol Winter Wonderland. The lyrics have been rewritten by the two to include all aspects of the department.

This video is a great way for students to have fun and be festive right before finals and to get everyone into the holiday spirit! This video will be great for the department and showcase not only the facilities and their capability, but the talent and capability of its students. Whether it is just for a fond memory or for professional use, this video is going to be great for all students involved to look back on.

 Maura is a senior advertising and public relations major. She is the social media editor for The Wood Word and Her Campus Marywood. She is on the social media team for Marywood PRSSA and AAF. Maura loves dogs, traveling and coffee.


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