Alumni Spotlight: Vikki Hartt (’13)

BY: Casey Markiewicz (’20)


Vikki at her graduation from Georgetown University, where she earned her Master’s degree.

This week I was able to chat with Vikki Hartt and get a little view into her professional life. Vikki graduated from Marywood in 2013 with a degree in Communication Arts concentrating in journalism and public relations. She later pursued her Master’s degree in corporate communications and public relations at Georgetown University, where she works now.

Casey: So, why did you choose Communication Arts to be your major?

Vikki: I always knew I wanted to major in communications. For the longest time, I thought I wanted to be a broadcast journalist. However, I quickly realized that being in front of the camera wasn’t for me. It wasn’t until I started an internship at the Scranton Chamber of Commerce that I found my interest in public relations. For me, public relations was the best of both worlds, communications and behind the scenes creativity.

Casey: I saw that you’re working at Georgetown University now. What is your position and some responsibilities?

Vikki: The Georgetown Center on Education and the Workforce is a nonprofit associated with the McCourt School of Public Policy at Georgetown. The Center researches the link between education and the workforce.  I am in charge of the Center’s social media accounts including Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. I work in all things communications at the Center including media relations, public relations, and social media.

Casey: Was this always something that you wanted to do?

Vikki: Honestly, I can’t tell you what I’ve always wanted to do. That’s the beauty of communications— versatility. I really enjoy what I do and working in such an educational and evolving field.

Casey: What is your favorite part of your job?

Vikki: My favorite part of my job is the working with social media. Social media is ever changing and such an efficient tool to communicate with your audience. Each day, I’m fascinated by new social media platforms and trends. It was especially interesting to see the impact social media played in the election, but that’s another story. I’m also very fortunate to have such a good boss, who keeps me on my toes and helps me think of new ways to communicate our messages.

Casey: How do you feel Marywood’s Communication Arts department helped prepare you for this career?

Vikki: Marywood set me up for a bright future. I really don’t think I would be where I am now without the support and encouragement from my professors, peers, and mentors in the communications arts program. Your professors at Marywood care about your education and future career. Overall, the communications arts curriculum helped formulate my work ethic and refine my writing, presentation, and critical thinking skills.

Casey: If you had to do it all over again, would you do anything differently?

Vikki: Honestly, I don’t think I would do anything different. I am at a point in my life where I have a career in my field that I love and am helping educate others about the importance of postsecondary education.

Casey: Do you have any words of advice for current Comm Arts students?


Vikki and her fiance John in Washington, D.C., where they reside.

Vikki: Network. Network any chance you can get- you never know when a classmate, teacher, or friend may have a connection to help get you a job. Dr. Wotanis introduced me to my first internship at the Chamber of Commerce, which is also the internship that sparked my interest in PR.

Also, try everything and get involved. I really envy comm arts students today. When I was in school, most of my communications classes were in the PAC or the old library. (I know I probably just really dated myself there.) We didn’t have the space or technology that the Marywood Comm Arts now has. Get involved in TVM, take a shift at the radio, write for The Wood Word, and join PRSSA. All these clubs not only look great on a resume, but they also help with connections and real-world experience.  



Casey Markiewicz is a freshman Public Relations/Advertising major. When she’s not in class or writing for Frame Your Future, she’s getting involved in the PRSSA/AAF organization.

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