Marketing to Millennials

BY Elizabeth Carlson (’17)

What generation are you a part of?

Generations are broken down by the years in which people were born. The Center for Generational Kinetics breaks down the generation into five groups. They are Traditionalists/Silent, born 1945 and before; Baby Boomers, born 1946 to 1964; Generation X, born 1965 to 1976; Millennials/Generation Y, born 1977-1995; and lastly iGen/Generation Z/Centennials, born 1996 and later.

Depending on the source used to research this topic, generation years can vary.  For this post my research was targeted towards Millennials and how to market to that generation.

The reason I chose that generation is because they make up the majority of the workforce today. According to a Forbes article, “The Untold Secret of How to Market to Millennials” marketers must realize than millenials are also people, “following the same hierarchy of needs” as other groups. They want “a better customer experience or product and an authentic brand that stands for something.”

As a millenial, I agree with these statements. This generation ranges from those just getting out of college to those that are married, have a family and have been working in the real world for a few years.

With such a wide variety of people in this generation, marketing becomes a key aspect of a company. You want to be able to grab millennials’ attention and then hold it. Millennials want constant communication.

According to another article from Forbes, this generation has grown up with the technology right at their finger tips. They want the latest news, information and gossip fast. With so many devices ranging from smartphone to tablet to iPad to laptop, that information can come to them quickly.

Social media has evolved rapidly in the last few years. It was always there, but not many people from the other generation used it. This generation and Generation Z has grabbed onto to social media and probably will never let go.

Big companies nowadays need to have social media accounts to keep up with millennials and Generation Z, but the Forbes article says not all social media platforms are for every company. The “mobile revolution” means everything moves fast. Millenials send, tweet, like, love, repost, retweet, post, comment within seconds using social media. They don’t need to wait to get home or a library to be on a computer. Their smartphone has the same capability and they can be anywhere. Marketers can take advantage of this by giving millenials information when and where they need it.

The article says millennials will not stick with a big name brand. These big name brands need to win them over by grabbing their attention and then holding onto them so they can become a loyal customer. It is hard to win over this generation, but research shows that if you build a relationship they will become the most loyal customers over time.

Featured Image Credit: Unspalsh Website 

2016-09-30-fyf-elizabeth-carlson-dsc_0057-thumbnailElizabeth is a senior graphic design major and an advertising minor. When she is not in the classroom, she is Assistant Design Editor for The Wood Word, or she is playing for the women’s soccer team at Marywood. 

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