Student Spotlight: Kourtney Kordish (’18)

BY: Margaret Scott (’18)

Kourtney Kordish keeps busy in the Communication Arts Department by being involved in numerous activities that help her reach her full potential. Since transferring to Marywood from Temple, she has learned a lot and found an easy transition into doing what she loves here at Marywood as a Comm Arts student.


Kourtney shows off why she joined Love Your Melon.

What is your year/major at Marywood?

I am a junior majoring in Advertising and Public Relations.

What activities, clubs and organizations you are involved with at Marywood?

I am a member of the Public Relations Student Society of America and American Advertising Federation chapter where I hold the position of Fundraising Chair, a crew member for TV-Marywood News, publicity and promotions team member for The Wood Word, and a member for Marywood’s Love Your Melon (LYM) Chapter.

Which activity, club or organization has impacted you the most?

It’s so hard to say because all of them have impacted me in different ways. PRSSA/AAF have helped me learn and get involved more in my field of study. The Wood Word and TVM News has definitely brought me out of my comfort zone in a good way by participating in things I’ve never done before, like working on camera. However, if I had to pick the organization that impacted me the most I would have to say Love Your Melon. My reasoning for this is because the sole cause of LYM is to raise awareness for pediatric cancer. This organization is by far most rewarding for myself because it’s helping and spreading awareness to those who need it most.


Kourtney on crew for TV-Marywood.

What is the best class you’ve taken so far in the Communication Arts Department?

The best class I’ve taken so far in the Comm Arts Department would have to be video production. I really enjoyed learning what goes into a production. My favorite part of this class was the lab because it allowed you to take the skills you learned in class and actually perform them hands on. This class inspired me to join TVM News and be a part of the crew.

What advice would you give to a freshman Comm Arts Department student? 

The best advice I would give to an upcoming freshman would be to get involved and take a step outside of your comfort zone. I was really nervous being a transfer student and commuter because I thought it would be hard for me to meet friends in the department and get involved in things that I enjoyed, but I made the decision to join almost every organization in the Comm Arts department and even some outside of it. Stepping out of my comfort zone and getting involved was the best thing I could’ve done because I have learned so much and met so many great friends!


Margaret Scott is a junior Advertising/Public Relations major. In her free time, she enjoys being a DJ for 91.7 VMFM and taking part in  Marywood’s Public Relations Student Society of America (PRSSA) chapter.

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