Release Your Inner Allie Sherlock

My daughter and I were walking down Dublin’s famous Grafton Street one day, and we saw a crowd forming in the middle of the street.

Closed to automobile traffic and known as Ireland’s most famous shopping district, Grafton Street is constantly filled with pedestrians. Visitors often pause to enjoy the performance of buskers, street performers who set up shop to sing, dance, juggle and otherwise entertain.

As we approached the crowd, we heard the clear, heartfelt vocals of Allie Sherlock, a 12-year-old girl who loves to sing (click here to view the performer’s appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show). The crowd was entranced, and when Allie concluded the song, onlookers broke into enthusiastic applause.

While many people were stunned by the girl’s talent, as was I, what also amazed me was her confidence in sharing her ability. I loved her willingness to introduce herself to the world. To be seen. She had the confidence to do something that might influence the future.

My post today is brief and powerful. (Be mindful that it’s as powerful as you allow it to be.) I want to pose a question, and I want you to think about it honestly: What are you doing today to create the future you want?

If you aren’t taking action, I urge you to do so now.

Release your inner Allie Sherlock.

Do something to live your dreams.


Photo credit: Tricia Richards-Service

Photos were all taken on Grafton Street, Dublin

Tricia Richards Thumbnail-Head Shot

Tricia Richards-Service is an adjunct faculty member of the Communication Arts Department at Marywood University and a doctoral candidate in health promotion. A 2017-2018 Fulbright-Schuman student research grantee, she is now in Europe, where she is conducting research on breast cancer in Ireland and Romania.



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