Internship Spotlight: Rachel Looker

By: Jordyn Jacques 

The first intern we will be looking at this semester is senior ad hoc major in Digital Media with Broadcast Journalism and Production, Rachel Looker.

Rachel was an intern at “The Rachel Maddow Show” with NBCUniversal in New York City. At the show she was a production intern.


Senior Rachel Looker

She liked that this internship provided her with a fast-paced, hard-news environment. Rachel said, “I was able to observe what it’s like to work in a real newsroom at a large cable news network.”

Rachel found her internship through her previous internship she did this past summer with E! News in Los Angeles which was also with NBCUniversal. At this internship she was asked if she was interested in pursuing another internship within the company.

She then applied to be an intern at MSNBC and received the internship at “The Rachel Maddow Show.”


At this internship Rachel realized that she is “very interested in hard news, specifically political news, and I knew I would be able to surround myself in this field working at a place like MSNBC.”

When asked what her favorite thing was about this internship Rachel found that she enjoyed sitting in the control room during live broadcasts. She thought it was “interesting to see a real studio functioning during a live show and see the director, producers and crew in action.”

Rachel found that doing this internship proved that she is more interested in political news than entertainment news. She also realized that she is interested in television production and all of the aspects that go into creating a show.

She “would recommend another student to this internship and the Campus 2 Career internship program at NBCUniversal. The company has a lot of opportunities and possibilities to form connections. They were willing to work with me and help me obtain an internship in news when I expressed interest in changing divisions.”

Advice that Rachel would give to underclassmen applying for an internship was “to apply for anything and do your best to make connections and use them. From my experiences, I’ve learned that it truly is about who you know in the industry to get a job in your preferred field. I also believe if you work hard enough and apply for a dream internship, even if the odds may not be in your favor, a little luck and hard work can get you where you want to be!”

2017-09-Jordyn Jacques-DSC_0472-thumbnailJordyn is a senior Advertising/Public Relations major. When she’s not in class she is involved in Marywood AAF and PRSSA and is a member of Love Your Melon.



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