Put Your Pedal to the Medal!

Okay … I know the saying is “pedal to the metal.” It means to accelerate or go faster, so, in this case, it works. Let me explain what I’m talking about (cue flashback music).

Over the past several weeks, I’ve heard about fantastic accomplishments of Marywood Students and faculty. I don’t want to miss mentioning anyone, so I’ll broadly congratulate those who excelled in music, sports, and academics. I am thrilled at how many coaches, instructors, athletes, volunteers and people in other roles demonstrated Marywood’s values and earned honors in the process. I’m so proud of all of you.

Today I want to say a few important things about success:

You don’t need a medal to be a winner.¬†Success isn’t defined the same by everyone. Your idea of success may be earning a B in a course that was particularly difficult for you, or it may be joining a club when you experience social anxiety and find group activities uncomfortable. Still, you’re pushing yourself to go beyond your comfort zone.

Think about where you are now, and think about where you would like to be. For you, your goal may be your drive to run a marathon, your desire to pursue a fellowship, your interest in study abroad, or taking a course in a subject that is difficult for you. What steps could you take to get there?

You may be asking yourself why I’m saying this at the end of the semester. Yes, it may be the end of the semester, but there are still so many opportunities in life that await you. Opportunities that are exciting and scary at the same time. There will come a time when you think about working toward a promotion at work, buying a house, having a baby, moving to another city or country, or making yourself vulnerable as you begin a new relationship with someone.

A wise person listened to me complain once about the overabundance of choices before me. My lament was that I didn’t know which path to take in order to plan my course to get where I wanted to be. He said, “What kind of life do you want? Answer that question, and the rest will follow.” He’s right.

As I marvel in the success of so many people at Marywood, I find myself thinking about the future and what steps I can take to achieve my version of success. It’s a good thing for all of us to consider. Whatever you choose, I wish you happiness.

Photo credit: stock.adobe.com

Tricia Richards Thumbnail-Head Shot

Tricia Richards-Service is an adjunct faculty member of the Communication Arts Department at Marywood University and a doctoral candidate in health promotion. A 2017-2018 Fulbright-Schuman student research grantee, she is now in Europe, where she is conducting research on breast cancer in Ireland and Romania.

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