The Communication Arts Department at Marywood University prepares students to assume roles as communication professionals in the media industry. Students who graduate from our programs go on to work at newspapers, television and radio stations, advertising and public relations firms, the film industry, and other public and private organizations.  Our alumni have secured jobs as television, film, and music producers, desktop publishing specialists, news reporters, public relations practitioners, and administrators, to name a few.

On this blog, six of our communication arts undergraduates will share their personal journeys with you. See what it’s like to be a communication arts major at Marywood University. This could be you.

Use the “Study Comm Arts” tab to learn more about the programs we offer, our student-run campus media outlets, and our faculty.

We’re excited to be a part of the new Learning Commons, which opened in Fall 2015! Brand new Communication Arts facilities, including a television studio, radio station, newsroom, and computer lab classroom space, are helping us to take Comm Arts at Marywood to the next level! Be a part of it!

A night view rendering of the new Learning Commons, which will house the Communication Arts facilities, is set to open in Fall 2015.

A night view rendering of the new Learning Commons, which houses our brand new Comm Arts facilities and opened in Fall 2015.

Let Marywood’s Communication Arts Department help you “frame your future.” To learn more about the Communication Arts Department, or to schedule a visit, email us at comm@marywood.edu, or call 570-348-6209 and chat with Susan Maruska, our department secretary. Or, simply fill out the form below!

Marywood University, in accordance with applicable provisions of federal law, does not discriminate on grounds of race, color, national origin, sex, age, or disability in the administration of any of its educational programs or activities, including admission, or with respect to employment. Inquiries should be directed to Ms. Patricia Dunleavy, Assistant Vice President for Human Resources, Coordinator for Act 504 and Title IX, Marywood University, Scranton, PA 18509-1598. Phone: (570) 348-6220 or e-mail: dunleavy@marywood.edu.

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