Name: Alex Weidner, ’18

Concentration: Digital Media

I chose Marywood because the Communication Arts program was the best of all the schools I looked at. I was focusing on journalism at the time and it really seemed like the best place for me to be.

I am majoring in Comm Arts because I always wanted to write, so I knew majoring in journalism would give me that opportunity. Even though I’ve changed my concentration, I’m still in Comm Arts because all of the things I learned my first few years here opened my eyes to what I really want to do: filmmaking.

When I’m not in class, I’m probably hiding in The Wood Word office trying to wrap my head around an article I’m editing.

My favorite class is anything Dr. Lawrence teaches. The man knows a lot about film and I’m trying to get as much of it out of him as I can while I’m still here.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far is when I covered the 2016 Election. I got to photograph Bill Clinton up close, meet with Chelsea Clinton, Senator Bob Casey and Congressman Matt Cartwright, and photograph the presidential candidates: Ted Cruz, Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump.

When I graduate, I want to start making films. Whether I get a production assistant gig in NYC or I become a wedding videographer, just as long as I have a camera in my hand and it’s making me money, I’ll be happy.

I’d recommend the Comm Arts program at Marywood because it’s a program where everyone cares. The professors and the students alike care about what we do. There’s so many opportunities to work with cool technology like cameras. You’ll surely find your place whether it’s behind a camera, sitting at a news desk, or spinning the hottest hits on the radio.