Name: Anne Zukowski ’18

Concentration: Digital Media/Broadcast Production

I chose Marywood because it had the Digital Media program, which was exactly what I wanted to pursue my studies in. Nearly every single weekend, my family drove passed Marywood while driving from our home in New Jersey to our weekend house; Marywood also marked the midpoint, so not too close to home yet not too far away. It was honestly a love-at-first-sight type thing.

I am majoring in Comm Arts because I’m pretty good at reporting news, filming, and writing. It’s also what I’ve always wanted to do.

When I’m not in class, I’m reporting for The Wood Word, filming or editing TVM news packages, deejaying for VMFM 91.7, being the secretary for the Society for Collegiate Journalists, representing residents for Student Government Association, attending PRSSA meetings, working the Marywood Tech Help Desk or Phonathon, or attending events happening on campus. It’s very likely I’m also Snapchatting or blogging while doing all of these things, but never in class.

My favorite classes so far were Video Production 2 and Communication Theory. In Video Production 2, we edited and filmed videos after learning how to use cameras, microphones, and lighting; and programs, like Final Cut Pro. I also enjoyed Communication Theory because the theories enforce how important communication is every day and the group of students/teacher made learning intriguing.

The coolest thing I’ve done so far was visit Philadelphia with Marywood to see Pope Francis; I took a selfie when I was nearly 15 feet away from him!

When I graduate, I want to be reporting news or entertainment at a respected TV station. I want to reach people in order to enrich their lives by reporting honest and exciting news and telling stories.

I’d recommend the Comm Arts program at Marywood because the department is constantly innovating for real-life jobs and situations. There are so many hands-on experiences offered, like the radio, TV, and broadcast journalism. Our new Learning Commons also has a lot to offer with its newly advanced equipment. For TV-Marywood, you have the chance to do what you want as a first or second year, which other Communications programs often don’t allow.