Study Comm Arts

We love media. If you do, too, you’ve come to the right place! A bachelor of arts in communication arts will set you on a path for a career in the media industry.

All of our communication arts majors seeking a Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts take the following courses:

  • Dynamics of Speech
  • Communication Theory
  • News Writing
  • Video Production I
  • Broadcast News Writing
  • Coordinating Seminar
  • Practicum (6 credits)

Students then can specialize by choosing one (or more) of the following tracks.

Advertising/Public Relations

Do you want to work in the corporate or non-profit world? A career in advertising and public relations might be for you. Our Ad/PR program is designed to train students in the areas of strategic planning, integrated marketing and tactical execution techniques used in the advertising, public relations and special events industries.

You can expect to take some of the following classes in the Ad/PR track:

  • Marketing Principles
  • Advertising Principles
  • PR Principles
  • Ad Copywriting
  • PR Writing
  • Media Planning
  • Communication Graphics
  • Case Problems
  • Computer Graphics

Broadcast Journalism

If you’re a news junkie, then a career in journalism might suit you. The Broadcast Journalism program teaches students to create and edit stories for television and radio news programs, social media sites, web-based publications (e.g., blogs) and for the traditional print media.

You can expect to take some of the following classes in the Broadcast Journalism track:

  • Introduction to Electronic Journalism & Social Media
  • Electronic Newsgathering Seminar
  • Video Production II
  • New Communication Technology
  • Media Scriptwriting
  • Communication Graphics
  • Communication Ethics & Law
  • Electronic Storytelling and Documentary Production

Digital Media and Broadcasting

If you’ve always wanted to work in the television or film industry, then digital media might be the major for you. Our program teaches students the latest production techniques, which prepare them for jobs in television, documentary storytelling, film and related industries.

You can expect to take some of the following classes in the Digital Media track:

  • Audio Production
  • Video Production II
  • New Communication Technology
  • Media Scriptwriting
  • Media Management
  • Media Programming
  • Media Performance
  • Telecom Sales & Promotion

We also have a Professional Education Sequence for students who wish to earn a teaching certificate, as well as an Ad Hoc program for students who want to design their own specialization in conjunction with an academic adviser. For more information, visit our website at

Five-Year Program: Master of Arts in Communication Arts

Students who know they want to continue their education may apply to our Five-Year Master’s program in their junior year. This combined undergraduate/graduate option enables students to receive BA and MA degrees in only five years. Students must meet specific qualifications and follow a prescribed program in order to successfully complete both degrees in this time frame.

Master of Arts in Communication Arts

Our M.A. in Communication Arts prepare students to assume leadership roles in the communications industry. It is a broad-based program that covers a range of communication skills and careers.

The M.A. in Communication Arts consists of an 18-credit core and five 18-credit tracks.  A student selects one of the tracks in consultation with an adviser. The total degree program is 36 credits.

Students may choose from a focus in production, media management, health communication, corporate communication, or an interdisciplinary track designed in consultation with an academic adviser.

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