Induction Day

Hello all!  I’m actually writing to you in between interviews for my Wood Word article. I think the article is going good. It’s actually my second one for this edition.

Yesterday I wrote an article about the career carnival that was held on campus. The carnival is organized to help students find careers in their future. They had a ton of vendors and activities for students as well as free food! That’s always an added plus. Check out the featured photo. I took that at the carnival.

Besides my interviews for The Wood Word, I am getting inducted into SCJ today. SCJ stands for Society for Collegiate Journalists. I’m happy about it. It’s like my work has paid off. My family will be here for it, and I will also get to experience it with some people who I’ve grown to love so far at Marywood.

In the beginning of the week , we had a Comm Arts Christmas party. It was pretty awesome. We had food, hot chocolate, made our own stockings and then decorated our professor’s office. After we did all that, about 15 students in the department went out for wings. We’re hoping to make that a tradition.

Before I end, I wanted to say how awesome the Open House was. It was a great experience to be able to talk to prospective students, and tell them why I love Marywood and my major.

I’ll talk to you next week!
-Kenzie (:

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